STOP for a Mindful Minute

We sometimes get caught up in day to day issues which prevents us from connecting with our lives in the way we would like to

We can get caught up and hooked by uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that can cause us to react in ways that don’t reflect the person we want to be and which ultimately become unworkable for us. The following short exercise can help you reset when this happens



Start by Closing Your Eyes – When you notice things are getting out of control or you want to simply take time out, find a quiet space where you can spend a couple of minutes simply being present. Start by closing your eyes or fixing them on a spot in the room

Take a Breath and Notice its Flow – Concentrate on fully emptying your lungs and then allowing them to fill naturally. Repeat this a few times and then allow your breathing to return to normal

Observe Your Breath – Take the perspective of an observer of your breath. If your mind wanders its OK and natural, simply acknowledge this and return to observing the breath again

Purposefully Engage – Finish with a commitment to purposefully engage in your next activity and to be present and in the moment

Author: Graeme ByeJanuary 4, 2017


Graeme Bye is an organisational psychologist with a background in corporate organisations in HR and Leadership Development.

He coaches individuals and teams and includes mindfulness practices and techniques to improve effectiveness, manage stress and achieve focus.