Mindful Minute

A great mindfulness technique is to simply connect to what is accessible by your senses at this very moment

When we connect to what is happening by focusing on our breath and senses we are able to interrupt our unproductive habitual activity so that we engage with what is happening at the present time.

See Hear Taste Smell and Feel are all parts of the Mindful Minute


Start by focusing on your breath and fully exhaling before allowing your lungs to fill normally

Repeat this twice and notice each breath as it enters and leaves you body

Then while continuing your breathing simply take a minute to:

Look around at what you can see (5 things)

Notice what you can hear (4 sounds)

Connect with what you can feel (3 sensations)

Identify what you smell (2 smells)

Observe what you can taste (1 taste)

(PS – Don’t worry if you can’t  get the number specified – just try)

Author: Graeme ByeAugust 9, 2017


Graeme Bye is an organisational psychologist with a background in corporate organisations in HR and Leadership Development.

He coaches individuals and teams and includes mindfulness practices and techniques to improve effectiveness, manage stress and achieve focus.