The Mindful Leadership Advantage

Mindfulness supports leadership skills in emotional intelligence, awareness and engagement

Do you have to deal with people and situations that create discomfort, anxiety or simply make your blood boil?

Because leadership is about interactions with others and supporting team members to learn and grow this can at times involve conflict and disagreement.

For leaders it can also mean self-judgement and be one of the biggest areas of anxiety and avoidance.

Successful leaders are self aware and understand their own emotions as well as try to get a reading on the emotions of others, so its not something that you switch on when you think you need it.

Whilst this can sound exhausting it really doesn’t require a huge amount of effort. It is simply about being present and noticing all that there is to notice including your own thoughts, feelings and impulses.

Mindfulness provides the tools and techniques to access the workings of your mind and to learn effective strategies for dealing with thoughts and feelings that can prevent effective focus on the task at hand such as fully engaging in discussions with your team members. This is especially true when you are under stress, overloaded, multitasking, or simply facing an issue that you would rather not deal with.

Rather than thinking of it as yet another leadership fad, mindfulness can act as the catalyst to make many of the leadership programs in which you are already engaged more effective and meaningful.


Graeme Bye is an organisational psychologist with a background in corporate organisations in HR and Leadership Development.

He coaches individuals and teams and includes mindfulness practices and techniques to improve effectiveness, manage stress and achieve focus.