Mental Health First Aid, Awareness and Resilience Programs

 Mental Health First Aid Training and Accreditation Participants complete a two-day training course followed by a short online assessment from Mental Health Australia. The accreditation is valid for 3 years and can be updated via a 4-hour face-to-face refresher session that extends the accreditation for a further 3 years.

At the start of the course each person receives a copy of the Standard Mental Health First Aid Manual that they can take away at the end of the course. This manual contains the material related to the training and additional material related to areas not covered in the course


Mental Health Leadership and Team Workshops – These workshops can run for 2-4 hours depending on organisational needs and consist of providing participants with awareness of mental illness and prevalence and some information on dealing with individuals who may be experiencing mental health issues. Depending on the program timing, resilience strategies can also be included for participants to improve their ability to cope with issues impacting on their effectiveness to deal with issues and support others. These programs do not provide accreditation that is associated with the two-day Mental Health First Aid Course


Mental Health Awareness Events Speaking – This is relevant to organisations who want to raise the profile of mental health at conferences or other off-site events. This would consist of providing evidence and insights related to mental health issues and prevalence as well as simple take away actions that may improve how individuals perceive and approach mental health in the future.

Raising mental health issues at group events can go a long way towards helping remove the stigma associated with mental illness, which has been shown to have a significant impact individuals’ desire and motivation to seek the help necessary for recovery.


Resilience and Emotional Well Being – Resilience is about being able to bounce back from change, setbacks, or misfortune. This program recognizes that developing resilience is not simply about an individual’s response when they find themselves in unexpected difficulty. Understanding and implementing the skills of resilience can and should become part of everyday life.

In this workshop the most common workplace and personal stressors and challenges are dealt with and participants learn to relate to their personal discomfort in a positive way. Individuals develop an understanding of the concept of resilience and strategies and techniques to build the emotional mindset and toolkit necessary for them to function as the person they want to be.

The practical aspects of this training mean that individuals can start to make a difference from the moment they participate in this workshop.


Mindfulness Insight Briefs – A Practical Introduction (90 minutes) – A 90 minute introduction to mindfulness and its application at work is an effective way to generate insight and awareness into the why, what, and how of mindfulness at work. Following this session leaders and employees become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and identify practical strategies to enable a more engaged and focused approach to their lives personally and at work.


Graeme Bye is an organisational psychologist with a background in corporate organisations in HR and Leadership Development.

He coaches individuals and teams and includes mindfulness practices and techniques to improve effectiveness, manage stress and achieve focus.