Improving The Well Being of Yourself and Others

Mental Health Awareness Can Make a Difference

Data shows that approximately 1 in 5 Australian adults experience a common mental illness each year. We also know from studies that many individuals do not access the appropriate support thereby allowing their situation or illness to get worse. Click here for more about Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is based on the concept of physical first aid, except instead of teaching how to provide first aid for physical problems or injuries, participants learn how to provide first aid for mental health problems including depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance use problems.

The next program will be running at Albury on 5th and 6th December

Click here to go to the Mental Health First Aid Website and then scroll down to the email link to register for the next course 

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Graeme Bye is an organisational psychologist with a background in corporate organisations in HR and Leadership Development.

He coaches individuals and teams and includes mindfulness practices and techniques to improve effectiveness, manage stress and achieve focus.